Melton Hill Lake Information

Melton Hill Reservoir is on the Clinch River in east Tennessee. It extends almost 57 miles upstream from Melton Hill Dam to Norris Dam. The dam and reservoir take their name from a high knob located about two miles from the dam. On this hill is a mapping station established in 1884 by the U.S. Coast Guard and Geodetic Survey.

The area around Melton Hill offers year-round camping plus sheltered picnic tables and pavilions. Two boat ramps, one below the dam and one above, give boaters access to Watts Bar Reservoir as well as Melton Hill Reservoir. Roads on both sides of the river are popular for walking, jogging, or bike riding. Game fish in the reservoir include sauger, crappie, and bass.

Melton Hill Reservoir extends the reach of barge traffic 38 miles up the Clinch River to Clinton, Tennessee, making the area attractive to industries that rely on this mode of transportation. More on the TVA website.



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